About Morison Agro-Allied

About Morison Agro-Allied

Morison Agro Allied is a division of Morison Industries that is into Agricultural/Farm management techniques.

Before Independence, Agriculture was the main business of the economy and it did contribute to the development of the country until other sectors started becoming relevant. Now Nigeria is back to making Agriculture the future of the economy and Morison Industries has seen a potential to be part of the transitional programme.

Some of our businesses include, Herbicides, Biocide disinfectants e.g. Glutacide, Germicide and Lysol just to mention a few.

We are also into exportation of agricultural products to countries outside Nigeria. We have an export license from the Nigerian Exportation Promotion Council which enables us to carry out our export activities. Some of the products we source to export include Shea Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Cocoa, Ginger, Bitter Kola and Sesame Seeds. All of these products have their various markets and seasons of growth and sales. We have a warehouse about 26,000sq ft which can serve as a proper storage facility for our export products before they are sent to their necessary destinations. We plan to venture into food processing of some of these products into edible oils.

Under edible oils, we will have fish oil also. They can be refined and processed into cooking oil which can be widely marketed and distributed to meet the demand of edible oils in the country. The fish oil is also used in preparation of fish feed which are used in aquaculture and also for animal feeds making generally.

The fish oil business is a business on its own which will cater to the nutrients lacked in human and animals because of the high Omega 3 contents. It is currently used by large pharmaceutical companies who manufacture capsules and other lifestyle tablets e.g. Blood Pressure, Cholestrol Level, Heart disease and Stroke.

Due to the constant increase in demand for these cash crops, we decided to tap into the need to satisfy customer/client supplies. Agriculture is big business today in Nigeria and is fast expanding so we have a major role to play also with the help of Government in the areas of growing our own cassava, pepper, tomatoes, sugar cane, water melon and bananas and processing them.

Morison Agro aims to be one of the biggest suppliers and exporters of Non Oil Export Produce and a leader in their own industry.


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