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At Morison, a clean environment is vital to all of us, and providing sustainable solutions to the most challenging environmental issues within our environment. We know the importance of healthcare, and then we try to provide access to safe, effective and affordable hygiene products and medical consumables. In other words, "we offer you more for less".

We have a leading portfolio of products that addresses cleanliness and also prevention of diseases. We also have a pipeline of prospective new products that have the strength and efficacy to combat some new micro-organisms that are resistant to the regular products. 

We have portfolio of products that addresses chronic wounds, burns, 3rd degree burns and laceration. We have bone cutting machines, bone cements and herafill beads for bone / orthopaedic reconstruction, Total Knee and Hip replacement kit to mention a few. There is also the Renasys pump Negative Pressure Wound Therapy to address chronic wounds like leg ulcer, diabetes foot ulcer etc.

We want to focus on the way we do business by operating with transparency in everything we do and listening to the views of decision makers in healthcare. By doing this, we reinforce the trust of our patients, customers, shareholders and stakeholders who rely on us.

Our achievment would be, to ensure that everyone everywhere have acces to innovative treatments and quality healthcare.



Morison Industries Plc will manufacture and distribute excellent quality hygiene and health care products that will be made available to our valued customers promptly and regularly. These will meet their requirements, surpass their expectation and give value for money. Our business will be focused towards the delivery of the above products which aim to increase growth, reduce risk and simplify the operating model.



R&D - Our goal is to develop innovative new product that offer significant improvements over existing treatments and so we focus our efforts on areas where new opportunities are born.

Manufacturing - Our ability to consistently produce high quality products and distribute them through our local network is a key part of our busines model. We currently distribute our product to over 20 states in the country and we wish to increase the number of states and also the number of distributors.

Commercialisation and Distribution - Our commercial success depends on market presence and customer understanding. With our focus on increasing channels, we would like to make our products widely accessible as possible within the country at all levels of income and development.

Our wide geographical spread allows us to understand the unique characteristics of each market place and adapt our business model to address specific healthcare neds and requirement.



Our company, Morison Industries Plc, is a public limited company quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange under the Healthcare Sector. The company became a public quoted company in 1978 when it became listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange..

The company has its head office at 28/30 Morison Crescent, Oregun Industrial Area, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. The Company formerly known as J. L Morison, Sons and Jones (Nigeria) Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on 29th June 1955 after having operated as a small agency for overseas manufacturers in Nigeria from 1947.

Prior to the indigenization policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Company had a 100% British Shareholding. With indigenization, however, 60% of the shares moved over to the Nigerian public while the remaining 40% remained with Guinness international who sold their shares in 1983 to ITM Group. The ITM Group sold their shares in 1991 to Morison Investments Ltd. U.K.

Morison belongs to various bodies of the Organised Private Sector and Chambers of Commerce as well as professional bodies.

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